Membangun Semua dari Minus dan Kekurangan

Satu pertanyaan yang sering sekali diajukan kepada saya dari sejak tahun 2015 lalu adalah “Gimana asal muasalnya mbak bisa jadi wire jewelry artist?” “Wah, itu perjalanan cukup panjang mas…” demikian jawab saya waktu diwawancara untuk fitur majalah Bursa Permata tahun lalu. Zaman saya kecil dulu, tidak ada crafter […]

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Ketika Sedang Jenuh

Ini tulisan saya versi bahasa Indonesia di blog ini. Setelah IT consultant mengusulkan tulisan dalam bilingual, sepertinya cara terbaik adalah membagi pos dalam bahasa Indonesia dan bahasa Inggris, kalau-kalau ada orang Indonesia yang mampir ke sini. Saya sedang jenuh. Waktu terus berjalan dan mendekati akhir […]

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Up And Ascending

This is a necklace that I made for my Facebook group’s challenge titled ‘The sea and its creatures’. The initial idea was to make a rock-like platform where turtles and sea creatures rest. Butas the deadline shifted closer, I grew tired of the idea. Sounded […]

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Ideas and Just Ideas

I got a lot of ideas. Actually, my life is run basically on ideas. I breathe with ideas and drowned in them, sail with them and most probably will die with them. I started off as a self-learn clothing designer and after 8 years of […]

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… You Can’t Run Out of Ideas …

… because that is actually impossible. Ideas are pieces of thoughts constantly produced by our brain every time we receive stimulants. Ideas are generally the same as inspirations but inspirations would be the main point that triggers the whole creative process while ideas leads to […]

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Maharani Ratnakara

It has been a while since I write in this blog and I began to suspect that I actually don’t have the knack to do it anymore (writing in blogs). I blame this on Facebook – it seems that the habit of writing microblogs took […]

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Ingenue (The Innocent One)

The stranger sang a theme From someone else’s dream The leaves began to fall And no one spoke at all But I can’t seem to recall When you came along Ingenue, ingenue I just don’t know what to do … This was the song that […]

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Reviewing 2015

I started this jewelry thing as a hobby, I never thought that this would carry me everywhere and I ended up paying and getting so much more. I am not a person who is shy of fame. I like being famous but I have to […]

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Let’s Start Over …

I can’t believe myself – that I have been NOT attending to this blog for almost a year and when I came back, I didn’t like what I see at all. I had this ideal vision at first – that people can actually shop here […]

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Past Works

I have been involved in jewelry making since 2008 but back then I never consider the art as my true media. I was going to be a fashion designer at first but along the way I found that making jewelries are far more rewarding for […]

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